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Harmony Sounds provided Lights and sound during the launch of a report by Federation of Women Lawyers (Fida) at a Nairobi hotel in February. 
Recently we have been awarded a tender to supply and install disco and stage lighting to the Famous Simba Saloon discotheque part of the Tamarind group. The project is on going.

  1. International hair and beauty expo
  2. Launch of the Kenya dairy master plan
  3. Launch of the Chelsea FC merger with Copa Coca Cola youth
  4. Launch of the Do Milk Campaign
  5. South Sudanese 1st independence anniversary
  6. Lights installation of disco lights in one of Nairobi’s leading night clubs – Skyluxx
  7. Installation of a variety of lights at Tribeka
  8. Installation of the same in Tribeka …Leading club in the CBD
  9. Sale and installation of lights at Carnivore Simba Saloon


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