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Sale of DISCO LIGHTS & Installation

One of our recent ventures since 2012 is the supply and sales of disco lighting. We have a wide variety of lighting suitable for Discotheques and even lounges. Our service is inclusive of installation free of charge and free service for 6 months. We also trade in old disco lights for new ones. Our variety includes: Mini moving heads, Crystal Balls, Lasers(Red & Green) strobes, LED Par Cans.
Product Launch Equipment
We also specialize in equipment that is mostly used in product launches. Whether you’re having a corporate or private event you will find one of these products useful for your product launch.

  1. VIP Golden Cue stands (to barricade off the product being launched) and also gives it a royalty feel .
  2. Strobe Lights – this kind of light flickers on and off and is unusually bright thus drawing attention to the launch product.
  3. Pin Spot – this bright light is used to high-light the product and its beam is focused only on the product
  4. Confetti thrower – basically throws confetti colored paper strips up in the air a distance of 10 meters or more ushering celebrations of a certain product or person
  5. Smoke Machine – this machine removes a jet of smoke and is mostly placed on the stage. The smoke is blown on the product and as it clears away the product comes into view.
  6. Snow Machine – this machine produces white foam in imitation of the real snow and is used for customized launches.
  7. Bubble machine – this machine gives out continuous bubbles up in the air and can be used anywhere from product launches to theme events to kiddies events

All these products are readily available for hire. Please inquire in regards to them.

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